The ZS6BVR Island Board an alternative to the Dirty Board

The idea of making a board that you can solder your components without printing a PC Board and without drilling holes for the components is not new.

The Dirty Board

Here you sacrifice a piece of PB Board and cut it into squares and glue them on top of the PC Board so that the PC board becomes the Ground plane and
the components are soldered between the Ground plane and the blocks glued to the board

An evolution of the dirty Board is to cut out the blocks with a Stanley Knife Now you are not sacrificing a board to make blocks

The problem with this approach is the effort it takes to cut the tracks and it does not look good to the eye.

The ZS6BVR Island Board

Here we use a range of Diamond Tipped Circular drill bits to cut Islands on the board.
These are much neater and if you use a Drill press you can position the holes accurately on the board.
For making prototype boards I use SRBP (synthetic resin bonded paper) PC Boards these are cheap and easy to work with

You will notice I have used a Hacksaw and placed the PB Board in a miter box to cut a neat horizontal line on the PCB.
This is done to provide a positive power rail with a series diode for polarity protection

I use 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm Toark Craft Diamond core Drill Bits
I did find the 6mm s bit small should replace it with a 12mm drill bit.




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